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Aircontrol - Neumática e hidráulica

Aircontrol - Neumática e hidráulica

Automotive Engineering


Supporting your projects through specialists with a wide knowledge and experience in the automotive industry

Air Control Automotive Engineering is built out of experts in the following fields:

  • Project planning and financial control
  • Automotive Engineers with a solid background in:
    • Product development and construction for the following systems:
      • Powertrain including engine
      • Chassis Technology Axles and steering systems including suspension and power steering
      • Body including crash calculations
      • Interior trim and seats
      • Exterior trim, including bumpers and mirrors
      • Electrical system including head and tail lamps
      • Electronic system, BCM, ECM and other control units
      • Thermal, including cooling and Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
    • Automatized and manual manufacturing processes
    • Quality Assurance
    • Logistics
    • Lean Manufacturing
  • External & Institutional relations
  • Finance funding

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